RECOMMENDED FOR: All skin types

BENEFIT: Balance oil production, balance sebum, hydrate


Our Rosehip Aromatic Hydrosol is nourishing, hydrating and balancing for all skin types. This is a must have in your skin care routine.


This hydrosol water is steamed distilled in small batches. This hydrosol contains a blend of Rose Petal and Rose Hips. Rose hips are extremely high in naturally occurring vitamin C. This hydrosol has fantastic properties for skin, making it an excellent choice for using as a facial toner or body spray.


Hydrosols can be used liberally all day long to tone, hydrate and refresh.


This soothing water is Certified Organic.


4 oz glass jar.

Rosehip Aromatic Hydrosol

  • Rose Distillate and Rose Hip Distillate

    Vegan and Plant-based

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~ Maria, Founder and Formulator

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