Made with herbs to offer superior nutrients to hair and scalp.

Benefit: Freshen hair in between shampoos.

Our unique Botanical Hair Cleanser replaces messy hair powders. We know you are busy and can’t wash your hair every day. Our Botanical Hair Cleanser is the perfect solution to allow you to cleanse your hair in-between washes. Not only will it clean your hair, the powerful botanicals will promote healthier, shinier hair.

Aloe + Nettle Formula is recommended for brunette or auburn hair. Nettle leaves are rich in silica and sulphur. This helps make hair shinier and healthier. Aloe promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff and conditions your hair. Chamomile may be effective to help promote hair growth.


Chamomile + Willow Formula is recommended for blonde or light hair color. Chamomile helps promote healthier, shinier hair. Chamomile may be effective to help promote hair growth. Willow Bark helps to control excess sebum on the scalp, leaving strands looking healthy and balanced. Banana for added softeness and protect hair's natural elasticity, preventing split ends and breakage. Rhodiola helps to strengthens and invigorate hair making it look healthy, shiny and stronger.

Color-safe. 2 oz foamer pump.

Cleansing Hair Foamers

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  • Nettle, Chamomile, Banana, Willow Bark

    Vegan and Plant-based

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My mission is to create effective natural products that provide you with the solutions your body will love. Everything I do is guided in my commitment to be your most trusted source for healthy skin and hair.
~ Maria, Founder and Formulator

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