Honoring Healthcare Heroes

My sister is an RN. She has been stationed to help with the care of COVID19 patients. I created this page to honor her and other healthcare workers across the world. Please email me at hello@roseyskincare.com. Please include their name, photo
and any other information about them. Thank you again to so many that are courageously helping during this difficult time.

"Lindsay normally works in IR as an RN but has volunteered to work in ICU during the pandemic. She has 2 little ones at home as well. I am so proud of her and her dedication to helping others ❤️" ~Jenn
Keri from Plainfield, IL
"Keri is a RN, whose compassion and kind heart undoubtedly shine. She became a 1st time Mommy to Robert (Bo) just 8 months ago! I (along with my family) couldn't be more proud of the courageous and strong woman she is. Love and miss her dearly but can't wait to be able to thank her in person (and snuggle sweet little Bo!)" ~her sister Kelli
Heather from Greenwood, Indiana
Heather is an Occupational Therapist at Greenwood Village South (nursing home and rehab center)

From her parents: "This is our daughter, and we worry daily about her and her workplace. It has not been easy for her and her co-workers with many exhausting days. She makes us very proud in her career in the medical field."

Thank you Heather <3
Nicole from Wisconsin
Nicole and her team work at the Lodi Clinic. She and her colleagues are wearing masks that a friend made for them. In spite of being faced with danger daily, they continue to smile.

Thank you!
Sarah from Idaho
This is my sister! A dedicated RN for almost 15 years
Irene from Chicago, IL
Irene is a doctor on the front lines in Chicago. She is working 6 days straight, 12 hour days leaving her 6 month old twins and 7 year old home.

Thank you so much Irene.
Julie from Wisconsin
Thank you to Julie.
“She’s a great person. Full of heart and fun.”
Kristi from Madison, WI
Kristi is working to fight the pandemic on a treatment level. A lot goes into making sure drugs are safe and effective against the worst diseases.
Ross from Elm Grove, WI
Ross is a Medical Director. He overseas 15 clinics. Thank you Ross!
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